And now I have a cute gif and scarves on my blog

thanks to addison helping me cause i cant code worth SHIT!

yaaaaay for more customization!

The Raven

In case any of you wanted to see my Gilbert Nightray cosplay from Pandora Hearts XD

Gilbert: Me

Pic by: Paco

So dis bitch…..

decides it would be an awesome idea to hit on me at CVS. No joke.

Like here’s the story boys and girls so pull up a chair.

So, I just came home from Horse Back Riding. So naturally I’m in my breeches and my riding jacket, boots, etc. Looks like this:

And I go to CVS cause I need to get some stuff before heading home to Addie, and keep in mind I’m in the god damn ghetto of Providence. Wonderful!

So I go into CVS and there’s this group of black guys just shopping just like me. And we get in line, they’re behind me and then I hear:


I ignore it. I’m use to people looking at me weird for wearing my riding gear. No biggy. But den, he taps me on the shoulder and this is how the convo goes:

"Hey, I like your pants."


"Do you ride horses?"

"I do"

He looks back at his friends and smiles all SLYYYYY like and says:

"So if I said I was a horse, would you ride me?"

And he and his friends are all laughing like:

And I’m just standing there like:

And so dis bitch has started something with me. And you know dat shit ain’t gon go down. So I simply respond:

"No, I’m all set. I think you’re type is a little bit too fast for me."

And this guys friends are just like:

But they’re laughing along and being all like: 

"shit dude, she just oooowned you."

And this guys like:

"Oh come on you don’t mean that."

So I’m just like:

"You’re right, I’d probably just put you down."

And this guys friends are just like:

And I proceed to check out and leave them teasing their friend on how much burn he received. 

So, in conclusion:


So that’s all I got everyone. Have a wonderful Monday

Guys, I know most of you are probably freaking out about the update…but I’m just freaking out because my Sawtooth outfit is actually accurate!! Yaaaaay!!

guys ive discovered tonight…that nutella is my mind honey

I regret nothing….