otakon lineup. What a red con indeed. Just gotta touch up some stuff for dave and eren but i gotta get moving on marshall cause i have nothing done. Ill probably start working on the leg armor and belt tonight cause, surprise, its all i have right now 😖 #otakon #lineup #cosplay #wip

God bless the bad quality #metrocon #haikyuu #kageyamatobio #hinatashoyo #kagehina #cosplay

Finalized cosplays for Metrocon!

Quan’s over so she’s doing some make up tests on me. Here’s the Hakutaku test #hozukinoreitetsu #hakutaku #cosplay #makeup

Fantasystuck from Sunday, everyone looks bangin’ #fantasystuck #homestuck #davestrider #johnegbert #jadeharley #bostonstuck #cosplay

Jade- quinzycobweb / John- circusdreamerr / Dave- me / Fantasystuck- mookie000

Late night endeavors.

I think the reason I’m doing so many make up tests I’d cause I wanna improve my make up skills.

Like I’m proud to say I’m confident in my eye liner game now, something I couldn’t do by myself before


What do you know, another make up test at midnight

and gosh darn it I grayed up for this. It’s been three years since i last grayed up

Wanted to do this test for upcoming cosplays at Otakon

Marshall is me

Gumball is the bae

It started out with just seeing how I would look with piercings, how did it end up like this

What Air, quan, abd i have been doing for the past week

Katsucon is on the way


CN: 青春

wow omg

holy mother of hell…

jean just…

take me now



Rivai - Shingeki no Kyojin

Cosplay - REIKA

gABRIEL - Kanpekina Kosupure

what a hot babe


Grimdark!John anyone?

special appearance by Grimdark!zillyhoo 

Ohhh man, look at dat hot babeeee

Maybe the Prince should have stayed asleep.


We are the Derse Dreamers. And we’re gonna wreck your shit.