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Day two of Otakon! #otakon #adventuretime #marshalllee #cosplay

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MASHALL LEE JACKET COMPLETE. Now for the challenging parts, the armor. Bring it on! 😤 #wip #ifeellikeapirate #marshalllee #adventuretime #otakon #cosplay

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otakon lineup. What a red con indeed. Just gotta touch up some stuff for dave and eren but i gotta get moving on marshall cause i have nothing done. Ill probably start working on the leg armor and belt tonight cause, surprise, its all i have right now 😖 #otakon #lineup #cosplay #wip

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God bless the bad quality #metrocon #haikyuu #kageyamatobio #hinatashoyo #kagehina #cosplay

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Finalized cosplays for Metrocon!

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Quan’s over so she’s doing some make up tests on me. Here’s the Hakutaku test #hozukinoreitetsu #hakutaku #cosplay #makeup

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Fantasystuck from Sunday, everyone looks bangin’ #fantasystuck #homestuck #davestrider #johnegbert #jadeharley #bostonstuck #cosplay

Jade- quinzycobweb / John- circusdreamerr / Dave- me / Fantasystuck- mookie000
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Late night endeavors.

I think the reason I’m doing so many make up tests I’d cause I wanna improve my make up skills.

Like I’m proud to say I’m confident in my eye liner game now, something I couldn’t do by myself before


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What do you know, another make up test at midnight

and gosh darn it I grayed up for this. It’s been three years since i last grayed up

Wanted to do this test for upcoming cosplays at Otakon

Marshall is me

Gumball is the bae

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It started out with just seeing how I would look with piercings, how did it end up like this

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What Air, quan, abd i have been doing for the past week

Katsucon is on the way

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颠茄小F <cosplay summmary 2012>

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CN: 青春

wow omg

holy mother of hell…

jean just…

take me now


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Rivai - Shingeki no Kyojin

Cosplay - REIKA

gABRIEL - Kanpekina Kosupure

what a hot babe

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Grimdark!John anyone?

special appearance by Grimdark!zillyhoo 

Ohhh man, look at dat hot babeeee

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