1. Cute Connecticon Story Time!

    So this year at Connecticon, I went as Jack Frost with my Big Four group. All day kids had been approaching the group saying hi to Princess Rapunzel and Princess Merida, kids and teens alike saying hi to Hiccup and his dragon Toothless and kids coming up to me and telling me that they believe in me.

    Overall, I thought my cuteness level for kids had been reached for the day but then I met these two kids above. 

    This 4-year old, named Winry, and 7-year old, named Ed, (along with their mom bunnymundnotaroo), approached me cosplaying Jamie and Sophie. They ran up to me and yelled my name, grabbed hold of me and hugged me.

    I sat with these kids for about an hour or so on Friday and Saturday and they played with me, told me stories, sang me songs. We played freeze tag, hopscotch, and hopped over the moon (as you can see in the picture). These kids were adorable and constantly reminded me that they would always believe in me. They hugged me whenever they could and danced with me when music came on. Man, they even shared fries with me!

    It was honestly one of the best parts of the convention for me. I had so much fun with them and I really want to thank their mom for letting me play with her and her kids.

    But I think the kicker, and the part that always makes me smile the most and just love being Jack Frost is whenever I had to go. Both kids would come hug me and lil Sophie would pull my cloak and say to me "Don’t worry Jack I’ll always believe in you, so you don’t have to be alone anymore okay?"

    Thank you Ed and Winry for making my Connecticon one of the best conventions  I’ve ever had.

    Pictues by Merida

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      There is no mistaking it. I remember these kids from an FMA panel their parents brought them to, about 3 years ago....
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      omg I remember these kids from a couple years ago at an FMA panel. they are seriously the sweetest things.
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