1. "JUST COME ON CAMERA ALREADY! D’: —A mini-fic of Tinychat Problems" by the-pizza-god

    It was another typical night after a casual week of hell with a mix of creepers at CVS and random guys yelling about hailing Amon from Legend of Korra and down with Benders. It had been too long since he’d seen his friends on Tinychat, and he believed a good night of AskBot cosplay was needed.

    Dawning his signature black hoodie, red cap, sunglasses and fake beard, Richie signed onto tinychat and was immediately welcomed with open arms by all his friends and couldn’t help but let a grin stretch across his face. He loved coming online and just talking to everyone; it was both enjoyable and stress-relieving. 

    Richie, or “Sawtooth”, chatted back and forth with everyone, answering questions that some would ask and at times even showing off his adorable cats, Luna and Bowie. It was well past 11 o’clock, but at this point he just didn’t care. He was right where he wanted to be.

    And then it began. 

    It was a common occurrence; someone would ask about “Squarewave” and ask if he would perhaps make an appearance.

    "Squarewave" was "Sawtooth’s" best bro and his own special little bot in his heart. Beyond just cosplay, though, Richie and his little Squarewave, Addison, we’re sweet on one another and been living together for quite some times. 

    Richie loved his boyfriend very much, and Addison returned it whole heartily. It was easy to tell how much Richie adored him; he would always get a little glint in his eyes and the happiest expression when he would talk about Addie on tinychat with his friends. 

    However, there was always that one little quarrel; Addison was incredibly shy on camera in front of others, and always refused to show his face no matter how much Richie and the others in the chat would beg. 

    "Come on, Square, just once! Pleeeeeease?" Richie batted his eyes over the rim of his sunglasses over at Addison seated on the couch. 

    "Noooo!" Addison grabbed a pillow and shielded his face, refusing once again to come on camera.

    Richie huffed a sigh and pouted; one of these days Addie had to come on chat! “C’mon, for the first time in tinychat history! Tinychat history, man!” 


    This wasn’t going to be easy. 

    "Hang on hang on, guys, let me try this." Richie got up, ignoring the sudden explosion of the chat as everyone started swooning over his wall like a bunch of fangirls (it had become an inside joke of everyone; Richie’s blue wall was now a sex icon). He snuck over to the couch where Addison was STILL hiding behind a pillow and tugged at it, trying to wrestle the other to getting up and coming on camera for even just a few minutes. 

    No such luck. With suspicious yelling and many thumbs later, Richie soon came back on camera by himself, holding his cheek with a pout and sad puppy-dog eyes.

    "What happened?" someone asked on the chat.

    "I just got bitched-slapped!" 

    Richie sighed to himself and shrugged it off with another signature grin; seemed like it was another failed attempt to get Addie on camera. 

    Oh well. There was always next time! 


    That was beautiful!


    I loved it! Every single moment of it!

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