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    this is fucking stupid

    really how hard is it to say the pledge and show pride for the country you live in?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, if you hate this country so much and find it so detestable, no one’s keeping you here. You’re entirely free to pack your bags and skip off to some other country that won’t “brainwash” your children into saying the pledge and showing respect and pride for their country.

    ^Hahaha.  Wow, way to be a textbook supporter of blind allegiance.

    It’s bad because the kids don’t understand the implications of what they’re saying. It’s bad because religious references were added to it.  It’s bad because it says that America is a country “with liberty and justice for all” which is a downright lie.  We, as a country, coerce our children into reciting a lie every morning.  How is that not bad?

    And really?  Because we dare critique one aspect of America, we should leave?  Looks like somebody fell for some brainwashing.

    ^ Correct!

    Honestly, I find nothing wrong with kids saying the Pledge. I think it will help them get some pride in the country. It’s the same thing with them being taught how to act around others and how to make friends. As soon as their old enough, they’ll chose what they want to do. NO one is forcing them to behave in a certain way

    This is how kids are raised. This is not brainwashing, because if it was, every single American would be a die hard lover of America. And, god forbid, that’s not true. 

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